The factory, which is situated in Jodhpur is spread over an area of 11,000 sq ft with two additional facilities within city limits, thereby enhancing our overall annual production capacity. The three production facilities houses about 50 ultra-modern machines, which enables us to produce more than 20 containers of goods each month. The machinery and tools are imported from Europe, which is required for efficient and quality workmanship. It also has provisions, which helps in the inspection and finishing of products to bring out the desired quality levels. The manufacturing unit operates on the basis of quality, precision, and time-management.

The company is also committed to safety and environment. We completely abide by EU standards in each stage. The entire manufacturing and quality assessment procedures are established and adhered to strictly.

Each piece of wood is handcrafted by our artisans. They have many years of experience and they design the wooden planks with extreme sophistication. In this business, it is very important to get the right cut each time. It is also critical as otherwise there will be wastage. This ensures that our promise to the environment never gets compromised. That is how our products provide an experience and are not just for utility.

Once the product is manufactured, it is time to finish it with colors, lacquer, and varnish to ensure durability and everlasting grace. Special requests from customers for colors and finishing details are always welcome, and our expert artisans are eager to try out new techniques. Our team takes special care to ensure colors and chemicals used in finishing are of the highest quality standards at all times. Natural oils are also used in the finishing process, which gives an organic look, and as well as are environment-friendly. We take utmost care in ensuring none of the chemicals used have any harmful effects on health or environment.

All our products are shipped to customers around the world after the most stringent quality checks. Our artisans check each piece manually to ensure only the perfect products are delivered to the customers. The packaging is done with care to ensure damage-free transportation. If the customer requests for a quicker delivery, we ship them by air too.